Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Juliana's Bits and Pieces

Juliana's Bits and Pieces


Posted: 17 Oct 2011 04:00 PM PDT

One of the current best selling is DADD (it's not mine best selling). At first, I have no idea what is DADD. I browsed and found definition of DADD:
DADD:  Dads Against Daughters Dating
DADD: Direct Action Against Drugs (Ireland)
DADD: Drunks Against Drunk Driving (Myspace group)
DADD: Dating Attention Deficit Disorder
DADD: Dependant Affairs During Deployment
DADD: Dads Against Drunk Driving
DADD: Dads Against Drug Dealers (activist group)
DADD: Data Archived & Distribution Device
DADD: Deck Aft Door Dogged
DADD: Defenders Against Domestic Discrimination
DADD: Dealers Against Drunk Driving (automobile)
DADD: Dartington Against Detrimental Development (UK)
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DADD by Erestel
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